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A group of children wearing colorful masks performing a play

1st & 2nd Grade

Class Offerings 2024

  • Week 1 / Week of June 10 - Taught by Chrysta Norton
    • Tiny Taste Buds Cooking Crew
      • Join our hands-on summer cooking class for kids! They'll explore tasty recipes, learn essential kitchen skills, and leave with newfound culinary confidence. Our supportive environment ensures a fun experience where children can develop a love for creating delicious meals.

  • Week 2 / Week of June 17 - Taught by Jol Walker
    • Tiny Tech Wizards
      • Let’s dive into the depths of a digital coding camp that'll have our young tech enthusiasts coding their way to glory! Imagine a week where pixels meet creativity, algorithms dance to the tune of imagination, and screens light up with the joy of learning. A place where "bug" isn't a word that sends anyone running (unless it's into the comforting arms of debug), and where every keystroke brings our campers one step closer to becoming the coding wizards of tomorrow. This coding camp will be a memorable adventure for our young enthusiasts, blending learning, fun, and just the right amount of screen time, leaving plenty of moments for summer's unplugged joys.


  • Week 3 / Week of June 24 - Taught by Gloria King
    • Board Game Bonanza
      • Welcome to the Board Game Bonanza – a summer camp tailor-made for the imaginations of 1st and 2nd graders! Dive into a world of strategy, fun, and laughter as our little campers embark on thrilling board game adventures. From classic favorites to exciting new discoveries, this camp is a playful blend of learning and excitement, ensuring that each day is filled with smiles and strategic victories. Join us for a summer of friendship and board game delight!

  • Week 4 / Week of July 8 - Taught by Gloria King
    • Card and Dice Dash
      • Welcome to the Card and Dice Dash, where 1st and 2nd graders embark on an exciting journey through the world of card and dice games! From rolling dice to playing cards, our campers dive into a realm of fun, strategy, and friendly competition. With a mix of classic favorites and new discoveries, this camp promises laughter, learning, and endless adventures in every roll and deal. Join us for a summer of card-shuffling and dice-rolling delight!

  • Week 5 / Week of July 15 - Taught by Gloria King
    • Word and Charades Carnival
      • Step into the world of words and creativity at our Word and Charades Carnival – a summer camp tailored for 1st and 2nd graders! From lively rounds of charades to word-building adventures, our campers embark on a journey of linguistic fun and imaginative play. Filled with laughter, teamwork, and the joy of expression, this camp promises a summer where every word becomes an adventure and every gesture tells a story. Join us for a playful and exciting exploration of language and creativity!

  • Week 6 / July 22 - Taught by Gloria King
    • Puzzle Playhouse
      • Welcome to the Puzzle Playhouse – a summer camp designed for 1st and 2nd graders to unlock the mysteries of logic and problem-solving! Dive into a world of brainteasers, challenges, and hands-on puzzles that spark curiosity and critical thinking. From colorful logic games to interactive puzzles, this camp promises a summer filled with excitement and the thrill of cracking codes. Join us for a delightful journey where every challenge becomes a triumph, and every puzzle piece brings a sense of accomplishment!

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