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Program Offerings

Explore a world of creativity, knowledge, and fun at our camp! Designed for kids entering 1st grade through 5th grade, there's something for everyone!


Unleash your inner artist in our painting and art sessions, where vibrant colors and boundless imagination come together to create masterpieces. Delve into the depths of geography and culture as we embark on exciting journeys around the globe, discovering the rich tapestry of our world. And for those who love a good challenge, our games sessions offers a plethora of activities to engage both mind and body, fostering teamwork and competition in equal measure. Join us for an unforgettable adventure where learning and laughter intertwine!

Dates for Summer Wonders 2024

Week 1: June 10-14

Week 2: June 17-21

Week 3: June 24-28


Week 4: July 8-12

Week 5: July 15-19

Week 6: July 22-26

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Please Note!

You can tailor your camp experience to suit your schedule and interests! It's perfectly okay not to enroll in all the classes, and each session is designed to stand alone, not requiring cumulative participation. Jump in and out as your schedule allows, ensuring flexibility and a personalized camp journey that fits seamlessly into your summer plans.

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