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A group of children looking excited and engaged

3rd-5th Grade

Class Offerings 2024

All taught by Tara Barron
Week 1 & 4: Around the World - Geography Camp  
  • Join us on a geographic and cultural journey around the globe. Together we will explore a variety of topics including plate tectonics, human connection to their environment, the creation of borders, globalization, and more! Campers will engage in research about topics that spark their curiosity, and then demonstrate their learning through final product formats of their choice.  


Week 2 & 5: Paint Medley - Art Camp
  • Calling artists of all skill levels! In Paint Medley we will work with a variety of mediums, from water-colors to paints made from natural products, as we work on both guided projects and original ideas. 


Week 3 & 6: Play On! - Board Games Camp 
  • Board games, card games, critical thinking games, and trivia games! Our time together  will not only be fun, but campers will be able to practice important skills such as team work, communication, and conflict resolution. And the best part of all, they get to design their very own game for us to play together!     

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