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Two girls sitting and laughing outside.

6th-9th Grade

Class Offerings 2024

All taught by Amy Leksana
Weeks 1 - 3: Math Reimagined
  • Welcome to our Math Reimagined Summer Camp – where learning math is not just a journey, but an interactive adventure! Tailored for kids who may not love math traditionally, our camp transforms mathematical concepts into engaging games, fostering a relaxed and supportive environment. Embracing the mantra of "we're in this together," we make math enjoyable, proving that it's not about being pro-math but discovering the fun side of numbers. Join us for a stress-free and entertaining experience, turning math from "eating your vegetables" into a delightful exploration for every non-math enthusiast!

Weeks 4 - 6: Math Accelerated
  • Embark on an exhilarating journey of mathematical acceleration at our specialized math camp! From conquering Trigonometry and unraveling complex word problems to mastering Analytical Geometry, engaging in proofs, exploring conic sections, and honing practical skills with calculators and scientific notation, our camp offers an immersive and challenging experience for students eager to fast-track their mathematical prowess. Join us for a dynamic blend of theory and application, where each day is a step towards mathematical excellence.

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