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Welcome to Summer Wonders!

Unlocking Minds, Inspiring Creativity


2024 Summer Wonders

Registration Open Now!

Attention all parents of adventurous young spirits! The countdown to an unforgettable summer experience for your child is ticking away, and the clock is running out faster than you can say "summer vacation"! Our action-packed summer camp for kids in 1st through 5th grade is filling up at lightning speed, and you don't want your little explorer to miss out on the excitement.


Tiny Tech Wizards has only one spot remaining!

A smiling first grade boy

Experience Summer Wonders

Summer Wonders at ACE Academy has served as a haven for children and their families since 1999. We’re located on a picturesque campus with awesome facilities in Austin, Texas .

Every summer, our caring and enthusiastic teachers dream up a wide range of creative programs for campers of all ages. Our activities and offerings are fun, challenging and accepting of everyone’s individual abilities. Above all, we are a down-to-earth Camp dedicated to ensuring everyone have the time of their lives.

Learn more about our offerings on our Programs page.

About Us

Summer Wonders serves bright and curious students in the Austin area and beyond. With the full support of ACE Academy, our Summer Wonders program has grown and evolved – much like the students who return to Summer Wonders year after year.

Students who thrive in our program are naturally curious and inquisitive, love hands-on learning, and enjoy the thrill that comes with learning something new!

Learn all about the camp on our About Us page, and get to know the teachers on our Teachers page.

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